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Inspired by Miiverse, make your own drawn images, text posts, or edit posts made by others. You don't need to be an artist to join in.

Please keep Hammyverse pleasant and positive. There are many spaces online open to negative behavior. To keep Hammyverse fun, be kind and gentle to others.

Please avoid:
♡ Being rude, bullying
♡ Using slurs or offensive language
♡ Kinkshaming, drama, call-out posts, politics (LGBT+ friendly posts are okay!)
♡ Requesting or begging for art
♡ Spamming, etc.

Adult Content:
Please do not post adult content. However, you can draw it, save the file to your computer or phone, and post it on other sites after. Suggestive art is OK!
(Adult content is cool and we encourage everyone to draw what they enjoy, but we couldn't guarantee minors wouldn't sneak in, so let's play it safe.)

Adult-Caution Tag:
Please use the Adult (Caution) Tag if you're posting something others may be sensitive to or not want to see - like spoilers. It can help to write why you tagged the image so more people view it. You can also use it jokingly.
(Enabling adult images will show everything with no thumbnail warning, so disabling it and being marked as older than 18 in your profile will let you filter them out, and view them upon clicking?)

Your art does not have to be related to Boxer Beats.

If you have any questions, contact Oxnard. Have fun!